Migration Services

Netcoole committed to developing the best migration software, our developers understand the technology and have deep experience in Platforms, Languages, Databases, and Application Servers. Most importantly, we understand the differences between platforms by way of the hands-on experience obtained from the many applications we converted successfully.

By using our tools in conjunction with the service provided, Netcoole is able to provide the best price/performance ratio for our clients. We invested tremendous amount of time and effort into make our tools better and more efficient. This effort is now leveraged and integrated with our Professional Service Operation offering, whereas we can pass the saving to our customer!

Netcoole offers following services:

  • Migration from VB to C#
  • Migration from ASP to ASP.NET (VBScrpit to C#)
  • Migration from ASP to JSP/Servlet

Feel free to contact us if you wish to request an estimate or if you have any additional questions.