Convert ASP to Jsp/Servlet

J-ASP enables you to migrate Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) applications to the J2EE platform. The ASP application is migrated to a JavaServer Page or Java Servlet application that run on any Web Servers that support Jsp/Servlet.

Benefits of J-ASP

By migrating ASP applications to Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), J-ASP allows you to choose the appropriate hardware and operating system to achieve the level of performance, scalability, and reliability required by Web applications.
J-ASP enables you to:

  • Migrate an ASP application to a functionally equivalent JavaServer Page(JSP) application or Java Servlet application.
  • Deploy a migrated application to any Web Servers that support JSP/Servlet.
  • Deploy a migrated application on a more scalable hardware and software platform.

Bug Fix & Enhancement

J-ASP v3.1

  • The lowercase variable name issue has been fixed.
  • The Copy method of Folder works as expected.
  • MySQL's timestamp field issue has been fixed.
  • Integrate J-ASP ADODB with the db connection pool of the webservers.
    Remove the original connection pool of J-ASP ADODB.
  • J-ASP ADODB now supports SQL Server 2000 Driver for JDBC Service Pack 2. Doesn't support SQL Server 2000 Driver for JDBC Service Pack 1.

J-ASP v3.0

J-ASP Limitation

  • Does not support JScript/JavaScript server side code.
  • Does not support Third-party ActiveX/Component.
  • Does not support Byte class funcitons, such as: LeftB, RightB, ChrB, LenB, AscB etc.
  • Does not support GetObject/GetRef/Eval function.
  • Does not support ExecuteGlobal/Execute statements.
  • Does not support <!--METADATA TYPE=typelib ... -->